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Lifestyle & Wellness Program

UMV Lifestyle & Wellness Program - Living Easy....Living WellAs senior living communities continue to adapt to residents’ expectations, The United Methodist Village (UMV) has recognized the opportunity to extend the components traditionally found in a senior living community (housing, health care) to include a whole-person wellness component as well. While wellness can be an overused and misunderstood term in today’s senior living communities, UMV has given considerable thought to what elements should be considered for a wellness program to be of value to our residents.

Through focus groups and resident input, UMV has recognized that the total spectrum of wellness really translates to providing the lifestyle options and health services assistance our residents want. This combination of lifestyle and health services has translated to the UMV Lifestyle & Wellness Programs, Living Easy, Living Well designed to create opportunities in life enrichment, including: Fitness, Nutrition, Active Life and Well-Being.


intellectualThe Intellectual Dimension promotes the stimulation of creative and mental activities. It challenges individuals to expand their skill and knowledge by using a variety of culturalactivities. This dimension encourages the older adult to seek out challenging opportunities to learn and grow.

A person is never too old to learn something new. In fact, exercising the brain with stimulating activities has proven health benefits. Expanding one’s knowledge and pursuing new creative outlets can lead to improved cognitive health.

Retirement is the perfect opportunity for residents to break away from routine and discover new and exciting information. Provide a wide range of learning opportunities that promote problem solving, idea sharing, and general education to help your residents maintain curious, active minds in their later years.


The Environmental Dimension is the benefits of knowing you take responsibility with managing the planet’s resources, leaving a smaller footprint, setting an example and providing a legacy. Leading a lifestyle that is respectful to the environment is an important part of environmental wellness. 

Creating a healthy environment can be approached from a personal and an ecological standpoint. Contribute to residents’ overall environmental wellness by taking steps to improve and protect both. Conscious spaces can have lasting benefits for the larger environment and your community, including its individual residents.


VocationalThe Vocational Dimension emphasizes the process of defining and achieving personal interests through meaningful activities. It is the awareness to recognize your abilities, identify personal goals and develop new interests through vocation or volunteering. It is defined by successfully integrating the commitment to your vocation into a lifestyle experience that is satisfying and rewarding. The development of vocational satisfaction and wellness is directly related to your attitude.

The days of working toward retirement may be over, but our residents’ past careers have influenced who they are today. Residents can maintain a sense of identity and purpose by exploring volunteerism—and even employment—after retirement. 

We encourage residents to tap into existing knowledge, discover new interests, or refine forgotten skills to remain active members of their community.


SpiritualThe Spiritual Dimension provides a sense of purpose, direction, awareness, and meaning to life that is determined by our values and beliefs. Spiritual wellness goes far beyond a religious belief and organized religion. The assumption is that a higher power is at work in our lives and therefore, spiritual wellness encompasses every aspect of daily living. It provides an opportunity for each resident to identify who they are at this time in their life and to nurture and grow even in who they want to be.

Strong spiritual wellness gives meaning to a person’s life. Whether traditional or alternative, spirituality allows people to make sense of the everyday, find peace and security during times of struggle, and remain confident in their decisions.

At the United Methodist Village, we welcome and respect all backgrounds. We work to help residents stay attuned to their values and to use these as a motivating force behind their actions.


EnvironmentalThe Emotional Dimension contributes to a resident’s happiness and contentment. It allows a resident to manage change and maintain a sense of calm. This area of wellness is not only important to the resident personally, but has an impact on everyone around them. 

Emotional wellness goes beyond managing and preventing mental illness. To feel at peace inside and out, a person must establish and maintain a positive relationship with themselves and with  others. Knowing how to recognize and embrace one’s thoughts and emotions, as well as being able to empathize with the feelings of others, is key to healthy emotional well-being.


SocialThe Social Dimension refers to one’s ability to interact with people around them. It involves
using good communications skills, having meaningful relationships, respecting yourself and others, and creating a support system that includes family members and friends.

Social wellness requires one to not only reach out to others but also accept similar efforts returned by their peers. A socially well individual exhibits understanding, communication, participation, and courtesy toward the living things that surround them.



PhysicalThe Physical Dimension involves aspects of life that are necessary to keep yourself in top condition. Optimal physical wellness is developed through the combination of beneficial physical activity/exercise and healthy eating habits. Elemental components of physical wellness include building muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular strength and endurance and flexibility.

Optimal physical health is more than simply the absence of disease. Positive lifestyle choices that benefit the body inside and out also factor into good health. Remaining active, establishing a healthy diet, and avoiding harmful habits are key to not only preventing disease, but also to maintaining and improving health—even as a person ages.

Physical wellness is also concerned with developing personal responsibility for your own health care, such as caring for minor illnesses and knowing when professional medical attention is needed. Developing physical  wellness empowers you to be able to monitor your own vital signs and understand your body’s warning signs. You’ll understand and appreciate the relationship between sound nutrition and how your body performs. The physical benefits of looking good and feeling terrific most often lead to the psychological benefits of enhanced self-esteem, self-control, determination and a sense of direction.


HealthThe Health Services Dimension provides a significant differentiating benefit for residents in a community environment. It extends the discussion beyond health care and instead considers the health services offered in our community that a resident can access anytime during residency for the highest quality of life possible through the aging cycle.

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